School uniform


It is Heart-warming to be given this opportunity to welcome you to Rubaga Girls’ SS I would like to first thank the almighty God for enabling us pass through the Ebola period and also guiding through you through making the right decision of joining this only Girls’ fully Boarding School. As a responsibility of protecting the school image and personal respect, a student is required to be clean, neat and smart while dressed in full school uniforms as am to take you through the dress code of the school:

O’level Uniform [S.1-S.4]

A blue pinafore, white shirt with white stockings and black flatheel closed shoes. This attire is worn during class hours of days; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Unlike the O’level prefects who wear a short sleeved blue shirt with tags on bearing the posts they hold in school, with a pinafore .On Thursday, an “ENLIGHTEN” shirt is the specific shirt to be worn during class hours.

A’level Uniform [S.5-S.6]

A Blue skirt, white striped shirt, white stockings and black flat-heel closed shoes. This is also worn during class hours on; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Unlike the A’level prefects who wear long sleeved blue shirts with tags on bearing the posts they hold in school. On a Thursday, they also dress in an “ENLIGHTEN” shirt as the rest of the school.

The Sports Uniform

They have a unique name of “House T-shirts” which are yellow (Cardinal Nsubuga house), blue (Yusuf Lulu house), red (Shakazulu house) and green (Mandela house) .This attire is worn by both O’ and A’level on specific days; Tuesday (morning and evening) and Friday (evening) plus exercise hours of P.E and during the Spots day.

The Casual Uniform

O’level students dress in a black-ankle long decent skirt with a school given stay-in shirt of either green, orange, purple or maroon color. This is won on the other days apart from Tuesday, Friday. On Sunday, a school bought club shirt is worn on the black skirt immediately after mass. A’level students dress in ankle-long army green skirts with the school given grey T-shirts that are worn on the other days leaving Tuesday and Friday out. Sunday attire after mass is a club shirt and the army green skirt.

Points to “NOTE”

i. A school jumper or school sweater is also part of the school uniform for both
levels(O’ and A’)
ii. All students are expected to have short decent hair while reporting for school
iii. The school uniform is compulsory on all special occasions and church services
iv. All A’level students are supposed to tuck-in while in school uniform
v. Lastly, all the prefects own the “HONOURABLE” t-shirts that are mainly
worn on Saturdays.

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