I n the first place I congratulate you upon being admitted in Rubaga girls’ Secondary School. The school you are coming to offers Catholic education in its entirety; an
education centred on training young ladies in things that make them holistic daughters of God and the Nation. Here at Rubaga Girls’ SS our task is to train young girls who will serve the Church, the Nation and themselves as God-loving and God-fearing women so that they become good future mothers and responsible citizens.
Spiritual life Our school is Catholic-founded. Mary Our Lady Queen of Africa
is the school’s patron saint. So, here we do things the Catholic way. We
carry out several spiritual activities through which spiritual nourishment,
guidance and religious training are offered to all students and staff
members. Morning prayers, Evening prayers, the holy Rosary, recollections,
retreats, days of confession and other prayer sessions are programmed and
diligently done. At Rubaga girls’ we begin our days’ activities with prayers
and also end the day with prayers. Prayer serves as the engine power for all
the activities. God comes first before we do anything including learning the
day’s lessons.
Our School has full-time Chaplain. He is a Catholic Priest appointed by
the Archbishop; to offer pastoral care, serving the school community as
a spiritual Father and Religious leader. He celebrates the Holy sacrifice of
Mass for students and Staff members throughout the week. Every day a
given class attends Mass. This helps the learners to listen and speak to
God, to receive the Eucharist and to receive guidance through the preaching
of the Priest. Attending Mass and other spiritual activities also enhances
the general discipline expected of these young ladies.
The Chaplaincy is a very important part of our school. The Chaplain, on top
of spearheading spiritual activities assists students to settle and be well at
school. Father Chaplain is a friend, counsellor, consoler, confidant, advisor,
a constant source of encouragement and offers students a listening ear.
Part of his duties is to offer spiritual direction, care and counselling to
students who encounter challenges of various kinds. Catechism lessons

Rev. Fr. Moses Kiyimba
(School Chaplain)

are also given to students who have need of them. I believe it consoles you to know that in this school there is someone eager and ready to help youwhenever you face a difficulty.
Our location next to Lubaga Cathedral, the Kampala Archdiocesan headquarters, is an added advantage. Every Wednesday as a school we go to the Cathedral for Holy Mass. Our school directly participates in the programs and liturgical functions organized by the Archdiocese such as Pilgrimage to Namugongo, Ordination of new priests, Holy Thursday liturgy, the Archdiocesan day, inter-school Music competitions among others.
Moral education: Character building is the other task the chaplain directly handles. Here at Rubaga Girls we value discipline to be indispensable for success and excellence in life. As such teaching our girls discipline is done by the Chaplain himself through Moral education lessons. Moral Education refers to the process of teaching and training students in the skills and knowledge of acceptable moral behaviour.
Moral Education gives students a moral fibre, that is, the inner strength to do what they have learnt and believe is the right thing to do in various situations of life especially the difficult ones. Moral education also teaches Ethics and Etiquette. Ethics are moral principles that control or influence a person’s behaviour. Etiquette are formal rules of correct and polite behaviour in the society. Topics taught include; how to behave in public, eating manners, behaviour in places of worship, bathroom, bedroom and toilet etiquette, office manners, phone etiquette, travelling etiquette, public speaking, how to make friends, self-knowledge, building self-esteem and confidence, leadership, personality development, smart decisions for a good life and many others. Clubs: Rubaga girl’s SS has a very enjoyable social life. For reasons of active community life in the school, students choose clubs/movements to which they belong. Active participation is emphasised in these clubs. Through them our young ladies are entertained, develop their God-given talents and also learn many social skills. The Legion of Mary, the Interact club, the Drama club, the debating club, the Smart Teens, the wild life club, Nkobazambogo club, ICT club, Rugi Sharks, the Scouts, the Red cross club, are some of the clubs in Rubaga girls. Club activities make life very interesting here in Rubaga girls.
Choosing Rubaga girls as your school is one of the smartest decisions you have ever made. You are going to learn new exciting things, to develop your talents, and to live your life to the full. Rest assured of good education, excellent teachers, a good learning environment, peaceful coexistence with
other students and constant spiritual nourishment. We are eagerly waiting for you.
Rev. Fr. Moses Kiyimba (School Chaplain)

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