Rubaga Girls ss is dedicated to developing the total person mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. In addition to daily scheduled classes a variety of activities such as games, clubs and societies are offered to the students.


Drama club is the most exciting and fascinating club in Rubaga Girls community, this club is mainly in charge of music, dance and drama which is known as MDD in school. Their main aim is to equip and exercise student’s talents, in school which helps them to have an experience in their talents.


With the magic of the pen, Rugaba SS has supported the writer club. Together with the patron, Mr.Ntensibe Joseph, and club president, the club is able to provide news to the school like international, national,
entertainment, and sports news


The wildlife club is an organization that is set up to conserve wildlife, like animals, plants, forests and so on. Some of the activities that
we carry out to conserve wildlife in school include; sensitization of students on proper disposal of wastes and recycling of wastes
like plastics bags and ploythen.


This is the mighty chess club which is formed to train students to think
critically and be active, chess is actually a board game where the main
objective of the game is to protect your king, and it’s commonly
in black and white


The ICT club of Rubaga Girls has a well-equipped computer laboratory with more than 70 computers. This equips club
members with various computer skills. The club has enabled the club members to carryout coding classes which have enabled
them to create games, build applications, and create websites and many others.



The Rugaba Girls Red cross link is a link under the Kampala west branch, the roles and responsibilities of the club is help people be kind to others by encouraging people to donate blood which is part of our activities in school that’s not all we also give first aid during events like sports, MDD and we train the club members how to give first aid. “SERVE TO SAVE A LIFE” that’s our motto, Thank you


Be good right!!!, this is club here to reveal to students the importance of being a good Samaritan in your community, this club is an association of people who come together with a heart willing to help those who are in need by giving charity, it was formed by Assistant DOS sister Anne Namuwulya to equip kindness and love big ups to our DOS
sister Anne we are to support. What good things we build end up building us. Be blessed.



The Entrepreneurship club is mainly for students who want to be innovative and creative, in this club students get to equip themselves with business skills which helps to survive in life. The club normally makes products like barbeque, pizza, cookies and cakes in various functions so as to earn income where the profits are shared among the club members that’s how it’s beneficial.

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